Hey there, I'm Nat

Teacher, turned Wedding and Event Planner, with a desire to help others survive and thrive in this industry 

Natalie Gasmier

I never wanted to be in Education OR Hospitality. Ever! I’d seen the impact of teaching on my mum as I had grown up and had part-time jobs through Uni at restaurants and didn’t want that for my life.

But as the years have rolled through, I’ve unknowingly been drawn to both fields, and loved so much about each industry. 

Teaching & Mentoring

Teaching has been in many forms over the years –  highschool teaching, Pre-Service teacher mentoring, corporate health education, English as a Second Language teaching, swimming teaching, sports coaching.

Of all of this, my most significant contribution to teaching was 13 years spent in the WA high school system as a Physical and Outdoor Education teacher. My time there taught me that teaching and mentoring extends far beyond the skills at hand. I wasn’t teaching how to play a Volleyball spike, the body’s energy systems or how to light a campfire. My role through all of my teaching forms was about building resilience, persistence, self belief, communication skills, understanding oneself and so much more.

To be involved in someone’s journey to develop their skills, methods and mindset is incredibly rewarding and one that I feel so motivated to do.  

Event Planner

My involvement in organising events and weddings has also taken a similar journey. Regardless of what stage of life I have been in, I have always been that person to take on the organisation and coordination of an event.

In the early days, it was things for my friends and family just for fun – weekends away, Christmas parties, Racing days, housewarming parties…

Then it became as part of paid roles – workshops, corporate Christmas parties, team-building days…

And has continued into all of the volunteer roles I’ve taken on through our kids’ activities and schooling – fairs, open days, market stalls, sundowners, thankyou lunches, wine nights, high teas, long table lunches….

And now add Wedding Planning

After our second child was born, I knew in my heart it was time to leave teaching and find a career that allowed more flexibility around my family.

And so in 2016, Iconic Pop Up Weddings was born.

Pop Up Weddings, Ceremony / Reception Packages and Full Service Planning

With a strong desire to offer couples another way to celebrate their wedding day, my journey first began as a premium “pop up wedding” service. With everything organised for them, it gave couples the opportunity to have a stunning ceremony and intimate celebration without the work, stress and price tag usually associated with a wedding. This worked by having a number of couples getting married with us on the same day. Which meant I worked hard to ensure all logistics were meticulously planned to ensure no couple saw another on their wedding day! Talk about planning for all possible scenarios!!!


As the popularity of “pop up weddings” declined here in Perth, Iconic Pop Up Weddings changed into Iconic Weddings and began to offer complete ceremony and reception packages, as well as full service wedding planning and On The Day Coordination.

Wedding Coaching and Online Resources

When 2021 rolled in, I decided that it was time to use all of that experience rattling around in my head to help couples planning their wedding. Along the way I have learnt that not every couple can afford a wedding planner – and that’s OK. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t need help. My aim was to give couples the assistance they need regardless of their wedding budget with access to my proven templates, checklists and online resources.


Wedding Coordination & Management

Through the years, I have also been so fortunate to work as the Wedding Coordinator for some incredible WA venues. From Stackwood in Fremantle, a completely DIY blank canvas space, to Parry Beach Breaks in Denmark, an exclusive and unique private property set amongst National Park. I’ve worked through all that Covid threw at us; brought hundreds of weddings to life and helped couples navigate all of the emotions and issues that come with a wedding. 

And so we arrive at today….

It is now time to combine my love, skills and experience in the teaching and event planning industries. So you can use it to your advantage to smash the goals you dream of and live a life you love.

Come and join me. Together, you will thrive in the Wedding and Events industry creating a business and lifestyle that you love.