Natalie Gasmier


Are you a new biz in the wedding industry or in the early stages of business?

Got endless questions as you are trying to figure out how to make it all work?

Not sure what the things are to focus on to move your biz forward?

Do you continually question whether you can even make your business a reality?

Mentoring with Natalie Gasmier

Since starting in the wedding industry over 6 years ago plus having organised a multitude of events in the corporate, education and not-for-profit world, I have learnt so many lessons.

Add to this, the demands of running my household and 3 busy kids, I have refined the systems and processes of my business (and life!) to allow me to keep moving forward and love what I do.

My only regret is that I should have asked for more help in the early days.

I spent so much time focussing on the wrong things, trying to be everything for everyone and busting my butt for next to nothing. My sheer stubbornness to not be beaten was the only thing that held me back from chucking it all in at the start.


What I needed was:

  • someone to bounce ideas off.
  • someone to guide my focus on what was actually important in those early days.
  • someone to help me lay the foundations of my business to set me up for future success.   
  • Someone that had gone before me, to show me how to systemise my business from day one to scale.

Fast forward all these years and with so many lessons in my back pocket, it is now time to flip the switch and for me to pass what I have learnt on to you.




Let me help you through this early phase with my new

3 month


Mentoring with Nat Gasmier

What To Expect From My 3 Month Mentoring Package

Communication & Support

Your 3 month package includes a 1:1 online meeting every month. In these sessions we can assess where you are at, where you want to be and where your focus should lie in order to ensure your foundations are set on your way to that goal.

You’ll also receive notes from our meeting for you to review when required to keep your action points front of mind.

Experience and Connections

Having experience in event organisation and management for the past 20+ years, including 6+ years in the wedding industry running my own business and consulting to large venues, the experience I have gained has been enormous. Use the lessons I have learnt and the skills I have gained to your advantage to fast track your business success.


I will be your biggest cheerleader but the one to deliver the hard truths. Working with someone forces you to step up and get things done. You do not have to do this on your own, I will be there in your back pocket prompting you to progress forward.



Perfect for start-up or early-stage event industry businesses designed to lay your foundations and set you up for success.


(or $400 per month for payment plans)

3x 90min online meetings targeted to your specific needs

Actionable Notes from each of our meetings

Access to my templates that I use in my event business

Email follow up with your action plan of steps to move forward with for the month ahead

A summary sheet at the end of our sessions on your goals and actionable steps for the future

Priority access to future workshops scheduled for the coming 12 mths

Access to 1 emergency 30min “power session” during your 3mth package at a reduced price of $100

Why wait until you are ready to throw in the towel or you are drowning in all the things. Make today the day that you invest in yourself and your business to move you forward with the confidence and support that you need.


How long does this program go for?

It is a minimum of a 3mth commitment. This will give us time to nail down where you are at and the best way to move you forward.


Can I pay in instalments?

Absolutely! We can set up a payment plan for you at an introductory price of $400 per month.


Where are our meetings held?

All meetings are conducted online via zoom (which means uggboots and comfy pants are welcome!!). When you book in, you will be sent the link to our meeting.


Can I choose when we meet?

Of course! I will send you a link to my online calendar, and you can choose the date and time that suits you each month.


Do I have to book in all meetings in advance?

No. I understand things change, so I recommend that you book in one meeting at a time.


What if I have a question in between our meetings?

You are welcome to shoot me a quick email within the week after our meeting to clarify anything we have discussed. If your question is more in depth and requires us to discuss things in greater detail, your package includes a 30min “Power Session” at a reduced rate of $100 that you are welcome to use during your 3 month program duration.

Book your free 15min Discovery Call below and let’s smash some of your goals plus excel your business growth!

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